V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Laboratory of optical submicron spectroscopy




prof. Viktor Strelchuk

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Oleksandr Kolomys

Ph.D., senior researcher

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Andrii Nikolenko

Ph.D., senior researcher 

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Yurii Nasieka

Ph.D., senior researcher

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Vitalii Boiko

Ph.D., senior researcher

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 stubrov Yurii Stubrov


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Bogdan Tsykaniuk


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Rarata Serhii


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Laboratory capabilities:

  • Raman and luminescence microanalysis of emitting properties, structure, chemical composition, electronic and phonon excitations in solids, physicochemical characteristics of semiconductors, chemical compounds and nanostructures for modern micro-, nano- and optoelectronics with submicron spatial resolution.
  • Raman and fluorescent 2D-3D spatial mapping: deformations and chemical composition; temperature (thermography) concentration and mobility of charge carriers; optical radiation of nanostructures;
  • Optical low-temperature studies of phonon, plasmon-phonon, electronic excitations, radiative recombination of charge carriers in condensed systems.

Main directions of activity:

  • support of state, regional and international initiative projects and programs of scientific teams;
    diagnostic support of high technologies and high technology production;
  • scientific and methodological support of research of students, graduate students and doctoral students;
  • development of an integrated approach to solving interdisciplinary problems of fundamental, applied, intersectoral science and industry.
  • development of an complex approach to solving interdisciplinary problems of fundamental, applied, intersectoral science and industry.


Triple spectrometer Horiba Jobin-Yvon T64000 (France) 

  • Optical range: 300 – 1700 nm; 
  • Spectral resolution up to: 0,15 cm-1
  • Three configurations:
    • triple aditive mode to achieve high resolution (< 0.15 cm-1); 
    • triple substractive mode for low-frequency measurements (< 5 cm-1); 
    • single mode for high throughput.

Confocal microscope UV-Visible-NIR Olympus BX41 (Japan) 

  Set of optical objectives:
  • MPlan N 10x/0.25 visible
  • MPlan N 50x/0.75 visible 
  • MPlan N 100x/0.9 visible
  • LMPlanFL N 50x/0.5 long working distance, visible
  • HCX PL FLUOSTAR L 50x/0.55 long working distance, NIR 
  • LMU 40x NUV
  • LMU 15x long working distance, NUV



XYZ motorized stage (Marghauser SensoTech GmbH, Німеччина)

  •  computer-controled
  •  scanning step 100 nm
  •  automated XYZ mapping 

Macrochamber with 90º - geometry 



CCD detectors: Si (Andor), InGaAs (Horiba Jobin Yvon)

  • CCD TE-1024x256, Andor (200÷1050нм) 
  • Symphony InGaAs detector LN-IGA-512x1, Horiba Jobin Yvon (800÷1550нм)




Lasers: Ar-Kr Stabilite 2018-RM Spectra Physics 2.5W (USA), HeCd, Garnet LCM-DTL-374QT, Spectra-Physics DPSS 532 nm.

  • Ar-Kr лазер Stabilite 2018-RM Spectra Physics 2.5W (USA) (454.5 nm, 457.9 nm, 476.5 nm, 488.0 nm, 496.5 nm, 514.5 nm, 520.8 nm, 530.9 nm, 568.2 nm, 647.1 nm)
  • HeCd лазер (325 nm)
  • Garnet LCM-DTL-374QT (355 nm)
  • Spectra-Physics Excelsior DPSS 532 nm, 150 mW.




Optical micro-cryostat RC102-CFM (CIA CRYO Industries, США)

  • low vibations ≤15 nm, 
  • temperature range Т = 3.5 ÷ 325 К



Micro-thermoelectri cell Linkam Scientific Instruments THMS600 (Англія) 

  • temperature range Т = 78 ÷ 600 K



FTIR spectrometer Bruker Vertex 70V (Germany) 

  • Spectral range 12500 ÷ 50 cm-1;
  • Optical transmisіion, difuce and specular reflectance, ATR and emission spectroscopy;
  • Optical liquid helium and liquid nitrogen cryostats for temperature-dependent measurements in the temperature range 3.5 ÷ 500 К;
  • Detectors: wide-range liquid nitrogen cooled MCT and DLaTGS.

External PL module for Bruker Vertex 70V (Ukraine) 

  • Vaccumized housing;
  • Adaptation to liquid helium and liquid nitrogen cryostats for temperature-dependent measurement in the range of 3,5 ÷ 500 К;
  • Spectra-Physics DPSS 532 nm 150 mW laser for excitation. 





List of finished competitive projects:

  • SFFR project F36/410-2012 "Submicron optical spectroscopy of phonon and plasmon-phonon excitations in semiconductor nanomaterials and device heterostructures" (2012);
  • SFFR project F38/363 "Development and study of physical properties of the latest semiconductor nanostructures with resonant interaction of plasma and phonon excitations" (2011-2012);
  • Ukrainian-French program “Dnipro” MES M/407 and M/243 “Sensors for detection of toxic molecules” (2011-2012).
  • SFFR project F44/401-2012 "Study of phonon, electronic and magnetic excitations in ZnO: Co (Mn) and CdTe nanostructures for spintronics and optical sensors" (2012);
  • NASU project "Development and development of methods of submicron topography and certification of chemical composition, structural perfection, electrophysical parameters and distribution of mechanical stresses in nanostructures of electronics and optoelectronics" of the State target scientific and technical program "Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials";
  • innovative project of NASU #16 “Development and implementation of the latest methods of surface-enhanced cattle and nanomechanical spectroscopy for physical diagnostics of bioimplants and other biomedical applications” (2014);
  • NATO Grant 984735 “Novel nanostructures for security application” (2015-2017);
  • SFFR project F64/6832 "Fluorescent imaging and SERS diagnostics of modern biologically active drugs with nanoparticles" (2015-2016);
  • SFFR project F64/16 "Hybrid composites based on carbon nanomaterials and functionalized oxides for efficient storage and saving of electricity" (2015-2016);
  • MES project M/218-2015 "Latest nanostructures for security systems" (2015);
  • STCU project 6175 "Graphene-like materials and nanocomposites based on them: mechanochemical production, structure, properties, functional use" (2016-2018);
  • SFFR project F76/100 "Latest LED heterostructures based on n-ZnO nanostructures and p-GaN epitaxial layers for highly efficient ultraviolet radiation sources and energy-saving lighting systems", 2017-2018;
  • NATO G5140 grant “Advanced NanoTechnologies For Multivariate Sensor Fabrication” (2018-2019);
  • young scientists SFFR project F83/72 “Structural, electronic and optical properties of gallium nitride with functional cationic complexes Mn-Mgk and iron centers” (2018).
  • bilateral Ukrainian-Polish project of MES #M/138-2018 and #M/43-2019 "Influence of solvent metals on the optical and structural properties of GaN single crystals obtained by crystallization from solution in transition metals (Fe, Co, Cr) under conditions of high temperature and high pressure» (2018-2019).



    1. Methane as a novel doping precursor for deposition of highly conductive ZnO thin films by magnetron sputtering / A.V. Vasin, A.V. Rusavsky, E.G. Bortchagovsky, Y.V. Gomeniuk, A.S. Nikolenko, V.V. Strelchuk, R. Yatskiv, S. Tiagulskyi, S. Prucnal, W. Skorupa, A.N. Nazarov //Vacuum 174, 109199 (2020).
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