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Lyashenko Vasyl’ Ivanovych (30.01.02-18.03.75) is an outstanding Ukrainian scientist in semiconductor physics, professor, Laureate of the Ukrainian State Prize in the field of science and technique (1973), founder of the Ukrainian Scientific School of Surface Physics that has been successfully functioning so far, and founder of the Division of Surface Physics at ISP, NASU (Kyiv).

Being a prominent teacher and educator of a great number of junior researches, the scientist worked at the Shevchenko Kiev National University for more than 20 years, where he became the first Dean of the Faculty of Physics (pre-war years). V.I. Lyashenko is one of the main founders of ISP, NASU. Among his disciples, there are Academician of NASU O.V. Snitko, four Corresponding Members of NASU (V.G. Lytovchenko, B.O. Nesterenko, Ye.F. Venger, V.S. Lysenko), and more than twenty Doctors of Sciences and fifty Candidates of Sciences.

The scientist main scientific achievements deal with adsorption and catalysis phenomena and photoelectric processes both at the semiconductor surface and metal-semiconductor junction. In 30s, V.I. Lyashenko discovered, in particular, the influence of the surface space charge on current transfer in diode structures metal-semiconductor (along with G.A. Fedorus, Reports of the Academy of Sciences, 1938), which was the experimental basis for developing the modern theory of the growing out contact (doctoral thesis by S.I. Pekar).

In collaboration with his colleagues, V.I. Lyashenko wrote and issued one of the first monographs on physics of surface “Electron phenomena on semiconductor surfaces” (in Russian, Naukova Dumka, Kyiv, 1968), and published a great number of scientific articles (more than 200) in main scientific journals.