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 ChipsAct 30-11-2022

Workshop on competence centres in semiconductors (online)

30 November 2022,Warsaw, Poland

During this workshop, participants will discuss the next steps in setting up competence centers in semiconductors. The event is organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the Polish authorities.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 30 November 2022, in a hybrid format, in Warsaw. Participants will include representatives of companies, research organisations, national authorities, and other stakeholders with interests in the semiconductor sector.A limited number of participants and speakers will be present in Warsaw. You can register under the following link. Should you wish to participate in person, please contact us directly under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The sessions will be followed by a Q&A during which participants will be invited to post their questions online. Should some of the questions not be answered, we will attempt to follow up with written answers after the workshop.

The workshop will include three sessions: 

  • The first session will focus on the experiences of existing hubs and centers with similar objectives. 
  • The second session will feature the input from companies and other stakeholders making use of the centers. 
  • In the third session, the representatives of national authorities will share their views on setting up semiconductors competence centers.

Detailed agenda:


Description of agenda point

10:00 – 10:15

Welcome by high-level representatives of Poland and the European Commission

10.15 – 10.45

Chips for Europe Initiative - introductory presentation by European Commission


10:45 – 12:30

Innovation hubs and competence centres – best practices and experiences, including in working with semiconductor industry - stakeholders panel discussion


12.15 – 13:45


13.45 – 14.45

Stakeholders’ needs and expectations from European microelectronics competence centres network – presentations


14.45 – 16.00

National authorities’ view and ideas on European microelectronics competence centres network – panel discussion


16.00 – 16.15


 The setting up of competence centres in semiconductors is a crucial element of the Chips for Europe Initiative, the first pillar of the proposed European Chips Act. A competence centre is a single entity or a coordinated group of entities with complementary expertise, and with not-for-profit objectives, which will be providing services to semiconductor stakeholders, particularly SMEs and mid-caps.

Examples include facilitating access to pilot lines and to the design platform, providing training and skills development, support to finding investors, making use of existing local competencies or reaching out to the relevant verticals. The services should be provided on an open, transparent and non-discriminatory basis.

Semiconductors competence centres could be located in either existing or new institutions across Member States. The goal is to have at least one competence centre in each Member State, and each of them will serve as an entry point to the whole European network.

By the end of the workshop, we aim at having found common ground for the next steps to follow by all involved parties.

More detailed, please see link below: