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Photodetector of laser radiation

№22 Department semiconductor infrared Photoelectronics
   V.V. Tetorkіn, L.F. Linnyk



The photodetector of laser radiation can be used for checking of laser pulse in the infrared spectral region.
Principle of operation
The signal from the photoresistor Hg1-хCdхTe (x=0.185) operated at room temperature is enhanced by a wideband preamplifier.
Areas of application
The photodetector of laser radiation can be used in scientific investigations, medicine. It is differ from the pyroelectric analogue by low response time and wide dynamic range.

Technical parameters
Semiconductor                     Hg1-хCdхTe (x=0.185)
Wavelength range, μm                  2-11
Voltage sensitivity, V/W                2×10-5
Time constant, ns                           1
Supply voltage, V                            5
Operating temperature, К                 300
Area of sensitive element, mm            1х1