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Highly effective adsorptive material for the gases of the type CH4, H2

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   V.E. Rodіonov

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Designation: for the use in transportation means of ecologically clean fuel - natural gas and hydrogen
A sharp increase in the cost on the world market for oil and petroleum products, especially diesel fuel and gasoline, renders assistance to sharp increase of demand for the gas balloon equipment for truck and other transport. In this case grew the demand for the balloons for the natural gas, which work at a high pressure (250 atm.). But it is more economically and is in practice more advantageous - the use of gas high pressure cylinders, which are filled with adsorbent.
As a result fulfillment of development is technology of the production of highly effective adsorbents on basis the thin sub-micron basaltic threads, which are covered with carbon and are activated by plasma. This material has high adsorptive properties with the usual and elevated pressure, has a sufficient mechanical strength and a sufficient thermal resistance with the heating to the temperature of 9000С.
If into the usual gas tank at a pressure 200 atm. (19,6 MPa) inject rocking 200 liters of gas into one liter of volume, then with the use of gas tanks with the adsorbent at a pressure of rolling 40 atm. are adsorbed in one liter of volume the approximately 160 liters of gas, and at a pressure 100 atm. - approximately 250 liters of gas, and at a standard pressure 200 atm. in one liter of volume can be adsorbed 300÷350 of the liters of natural gas. This into 1,5÷1,75 of times is more than usually in the balloons without the adsorbent at the same pressure (19,6 MPa).

Fundamental technical and economic characteristics:

Designation and unit of the measurement Technical economic indices
Quantity of gas in the balloon with the adsorbent with 40 atm.., l/dm3 160÷170
Cost of the adsorbent, $/ dm3 1,5÷2,5
Final quantity of gas in the adsorbent at a pressure 2,0 atm., l/dm3 ~4
Number of cycles of rolling without changes in the technical characteristics 5000
The source material of the adsorbent Basaltic fiber
Cost of the source material, $/dm3 1,0÷2,0
Cost of technological processes with the industrial production, $/dm3 0,5÷1,0

The developed adsorptive material differs first of all in terms of the principles of adsorption to the external surface of adsorbent. Using thin, mechanically strong threads of basaltic fiber, checks the layer of carbon (soot), which is adsorptive layer. The assembled and pressed threads with the adsorptive layer serve as the adsorptive material.

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