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Low-cost self-assembling technology for nano-electro-mechanical systems and ultra-fast emission source nanodevices

№11 Department of Electron probe methods of structural and elemental analysis of semiconductor materials and systems
   A. Klimovskaya

Summary. The Low-Cost Self-Assembling Nanotechnology is based on common used variant of metal-catalyzed mediated CVD method, and uses additionally surfactants, thermal modulation, mismatched substrate and special substrate preparation for realizing the cylinder-, cone-, or sphere-like nanoobjects and to suppress the native spread of their geometric parameters. The distinguished feature of the technological approach which we propose consists in getting access to mechanisms and usually unaccounted factors responsible for nanowire shaping, by means of combination of real technological experiments with computer simulations.

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Fig. 1. Various shapes of silicon nanowires, grown in metal-catalyst mediated CVD process.( (a) and (b) E.I. Givargizov, Growth of filament-like and platelet crystals from vapor, Nauka Press, Moscow, 1977

Fig. 2. Illustration to the multilevel (macroscopic and mesoscopic) simulations of nanowire growth. Arrows indicate fluxes of substance. A. Efremov, A. Klimovskaya, T. Kamins, B. Shanina, K. Grygoryev, S. Lukyanets // Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 8, N 3, (2005) P1-11

Fig. 3. Example of work of our growth simulator. Synthesis of nanowire with cone shaped shell is well reproduced.

Fig. 3.