V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Instrument for biochemical analysis of aqueous solutions

№16 Department of optoelectronic functional transducers
A.L. Kukla, A.S. Pavluchenko


Purpose: express analysis of aqueous solutions biochemistry and recognition of particular chemical species, including the toxic ones (heavy metal ions, chlorine and organophosphorus pesticides). The device can be used for analysis of waste and technical waters, food products (vegetables, fruit, drinks) on general toxicity and content of separate toxic matters (formaldehyde, hypochloride, cyanides, nitrates), agricultural products on content of pesticides, herbicides.

Description: Instrument operation is based on simultaneous potentiometric examination of variety of ion-sensitive membranes connected to the surface of solid-state transducers and forming of multidimensional response signal toward an analyzed medium by the “electronic tongue” principle. For recognition of species in solution an array of electrochemical sensors based on ion-selective field-effect transistors with pH-sensitive layer of silicon nitride is used. Operation of multisensor consists in measurement of surface potential change at the electrolyte – sensitive membrane – transistor gate interface simultaneously for each sensor element of the array with subsequent processing of the measured data by special mathematical methods and forming of the unique chemical image of analyzed substance.

Basic technical characteristics:
•   Number of channels                                             12 (2 x 6)
•   Flow-system volume                                       200 μl
•   Single measurement duration                            0.1 sec
•   Working temperature range                                0-40 ºС
•   Time needed for biochemical analysis                    <10 min
•   Automatic analyte injection at flow speed of                5..200 μl/min
•   Serial interface                                                RS 232
•   Software platform                                                   Win 9Х, DOS
•   Power supply                                                        12 V / 0.2A

Estimation of novelty: Similar analytical sensory devices, from our data, nowhere produced serially. Device advantages are multichannel, open of construction; presence of easy access to the sensory cells and rapid change of sensitive membranes, low cost.