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Silicon Photo-sensor

№41 Department of Physical and technical bases semiconductor fotoenerhetyky
   Anatoliy P. Gorban

Silicon photo-sensor is a photosensitive device intended for utilization in photometry, in adjustment and control automatics, in medical instrumentation, in electronic apparatus, in security equipment, in domestic electronics etc. Photo-sensor is fabricated on the base of silicon multi-layer structure having near-surface diffusion-field potential barrier created by thermal diffusion (ion implantation) and deposition of charged insulator onto the photosensitive surface. Under illumination non-equilibrium charge carriers generated within the device active regions produce current flow in the external circuit. The enhancement of photosensitivity is ensured by minimization of optical and recombination losses executing in the structure.


Examination electrical and photo-technical parameters of the designed photo-sensors confirm their profit in various devices of industrial and consumer electronics. Domestic analogues of the development do not exist. Patent protection of novel technical and technological solutions created during the photo-sensor development is under consideration.

Technical specification of the developed photo-sensors as well as of available foreign analogues are given in the table.


Parameter Developed photo-sensors
Photodiodes S1337-66BR
(Hamamatsu Inc)
Photodiodes PIN-44D
(UDT Sensor Inc)
Photosensitive surface area, mm 5х5 5.8 х 5. 8 6.63 х 6.63
Spectral range of photosensitivity, nm 320-1100 320-1100 320-1100
Position of a photosensitivity maximum, nm 960 960 960
Photosensitivity in a maximum, A/W 0.57 0.62 0.52
Dark reverse current at V=10 mV, pA 50-90 100 15 nA (at 10 V)
Maximal reverse voltage, V 10 5 50
Extension of a linear plot of current-power change,  W/m2 0.1-1500 Not determined Not determined

Area of possible application: photometry, environmental monitoring, devices for power resource saving, medical instrument facilities, security systems, instrumentation for remote control, consumer equipment, electronic industry. The performance of innovation project related to industrial fabrication of designed photo-sensors is expedient.
Experimental samples of the developed photo-sensors were used in the Scientific and Technical Centre "Aviadiagnostics" at creation of unique light-flash automated system for the V. Lashkarev ISP NAS of Ukraine Centre relating to solar cell and photovoltaic module characterization. In particular, by use of these photo-sensors a number of complex scientific and technical problems concerning light-flash photometry in the Centre were solved. As the cost of similar foreign measurement equipment is very expensive, significant budget funds were saved during the development process.