V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Infrared imager

№38 Department of Physics and Technology of low-dimensional systems
  F.F. Sizov

Designed together with the Institute of Microelectronic Devices of the NAS of Ukraine and B.I. Verkin Physicotechnical Institute of Low Temperature Physics of the NAS of Ukraine.


PORTABLE INFRARED IMAGER is the device used for detection of thermal radiation, subsequent processing of signal and its real time visualization at the built-in LCD display or at external computer monitor.


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14 2 14 3 Application areas:
1.    Medical diagnostics: contactless and intrusionless detection of inflammations, blood circulation anomalies and other pathologies, particularly in oncology (breast cancer, thyroid gland cancer), traumatology, gynecology, post-operation complications control, etc. The device is portable and easy in use, making it suitable for mobile diagnostic units. The imager has undergone several clinical tests and is certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
2.    Ecological monitoring and nondestructive control: detection of thermal losses of buildings, pipelines, monitoring of a moving engine parts, control of fire-risk areas, road-bad quality, etc.
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Examples of thermograms

The solid solution of mercury-cadmium-telluride (MCT) was used for fabrication of photodetector arrays. These photodetector allow high signal accumulation rate and high picture frequency. Epitaxial films of CdHgTe were grown on CdZnTe substrates. 128 staggered photodiodes are situated in two rows with 64 elements in each on epitaxial films with total dimensions 6.0x2.0 mm. Each diode has circle (30 µm) shape. A distance between diodes in the row is 30 µm,  a distance between roads is 60 µm.

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Hybrid focal plane array (FPA) consists of MCT linear array and silicon readout which are formed by hybrid technology that is based on precise joint of two functional parts into whole device via mechanical and electrical interconnection. When functional parts are situated in the same plane, the connection is executed by cool welding (via flip-chip technology) using indium micro bumps.