V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Portable Device for Characterization Solar Cells and Photovoltaic modules „Photon-3”

№41 Department of Physical and technical bases semiconductor fotoenerhetyky
Vitaliy P. Kostylyov

 Portable measuring device “Photon-3” is intended for measurement photo-technical parameters of solar cells and photovoltaic modules having peak electrical power up to 200 Watt in standard stationary illumination conditions (AM1.5, natural or artificial sunlight). It is developed for use in the Centre for solar cell and photovoltaic panel testing of the V.E. Lashkarev ISP NAS of Ukraine.
Area of application - terrestrial and space photovoltaic power engineering.
Created in the V.E. Lashkarev ISP NAS of Ukraine, measuring device „Photon-3” has no analogues in Ukraine. Patent protection of novel technical and technological solutions created during the device development is under consideration.


Portable measuring device „Photon-3”

Functional features of the measuring device „Photon-3”.
- Determination of current and voltage values in given points of the module V-I curve under illumination (LVAC).
- Measurement of energetic illumination density at the surface of photovoltaic module.
- Measurement of an environmental temperature in the region of photovoltaic module arrangement.
- Definition of a short circuit current, open circuit voltage, output electrical power, photovoltaic module efficiency.
- Processing measurement results by a definite algorithm.- Representation the results of solar cell or photovoltaic module testing at the built-in matrix LCD-screen.

Technical specification of the device.- Measurement ranges of voltage, generated by a module - 0... 1V, 0... 10V, 0... 20V, 0... 50V.
- Measurement ranges of current, flowing through a module - 0... 0.25 A, 0... 1А, 0... 4А.
- Measurement process duration – up to 4 seconds.
- Properly sized device dimensions - 250х160х90 мм.

Relative reduced errors of photo-technical measurements.
- Current strength value < ±1.5 %;
- Voltage value < ±0.3 %;
- Maximal electrical power value < ±2.0 %;
- LVAC fill-factor value < ±3.0 %.
- Efficiency value < ± 5.0 %.