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Terrestrial Silicon Photovoltaic Batteries

№41 Department of Physical and technical bases semiconductor fotoenerhetyky
   Anatoliy P. Gorban

Terrestrial Silicon Photovoltaic Batteries

Photovoltaic battery is a device for photoelectrical conversion of solar irradiation energy to electrical energy. Photovoltaic battery BFК-0.1-9 is intended for utilization in solar-accumulator power supply facilities of professional dosimeter-radiometer DKS-0.1, and battery BFK-2.0-12 (6, 3) - for power supply of portable dosimetric and radiometric instruments operating in natural environment conditions. Structurally, photovoltaic battery BFK-2.0-12 (6, 3) can be fabricated in several variants of execution, namely, having nominal voltages 3, 6 and 12V and nominal currents 640, 320 and 160 mА, accordingly.
    Silicon solar cell is a basic component of photovoltaic batteries BFК-0.1-9 and BFК-2.0-12 (6, 3). At illumination light is absorbed in active solar cell regions generating non-equilibrium charge carriers which are separated by p-n-junction electrical field and create a current in an external circuit. By means of various types of serial-parallel solar cell connection, the required electrical parameters of photovoltaic batteries are provided.
     As a renewable source of electrical energy, photovoltaic batteries can be used in various types of electronic equipment, in medicine, in agriculture etc. The novelty of the developed technical solutions is confirmed by Ukrainian Patent №14924А. For this reason realization of innovation project related to industrial production of the designed batteries is expedient.

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Terrestrial photovoltaic batteries BFК-0.1-9 (a) and BFK-2.0-12 (6, 3) (b).

Technical specification and performance

Photovoltaic battery BFK-0.1-9
Number of solar cells                                  20
Photoactive surface  area, сm2                    10
Nominal output voltage, V                            9.0
Nominal output current, mА                            18.0
Efficiency, %                                                16.0
Weight, g                                                  12
Properly sized dimensions, mm                       55х38х4

Photovoltaic battery BFК-2.0-12 (6, 3)

Parameters Design specification
  BFК-2,0-3 BFК-2,0-6 BFК-2,0-12
Number of solar cells 24 24 24
Photoactive surface area, сm2 136 136 136
Nominal output voltage, V 3,0 6,0 12,0
Nominal output current, mА 640,0 320,0 160,0
Efficiency, % 14 14 14
Weight, g 150±10 150±10 150±10
Properly sized dimensions, mm 180х125х4 180х125х4 180х125х4

Basic technical features of the developed batteries:
     - application of high efficiency silicon solar cells developed in V. Lashkarev ISP of NAS of Ukraine;
     - application of aluminum as contact metallization in solar cells and aluminum bus-bars as inter-cell connections in the process of battery assembling;
     - utilization of ultrasonically welded inter-cell connections (instead of traditionally soldered) increasing reliability and durability of the designed batteries.
Within the framework of the Ukrainian State program on population protection from consequences of Chernobyl АES damage V. Lashkarev ISP NAS of Ukraine specialists in cooperation with V. Lashkarev ISP Special Design Office staff have executed development and manufacturing the advanced efficiency photovoltaic batteries intended for utilization in solar-accumulator power facilities of a new generation portable dosimetric and radiometric apparatus. In particular, more than 500 batteries BFК-0.1-9 were supplied to customer and used in professional dosimeter-radiometers DKS-0.1 "Selvis" whereas photovoltaic batteries BFК-2.0-12 (6, 3) carried out power supply in dosimetric and radiometric instruments intended for monitoring a radioactive pollution of the Ukrainian territory.