V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Cooled infrared photodetector

№22 Department semiconductor infrared Photoelectronics
   V.V. Tetorkіn, L.F. Linnyk


The photodetector can be used for registration of laser radiation in an infra-red range of a spectrum.
Principle of operation
Hg1-хCdхTe (x=0,19-0,23) photoresistor serves as a photosensitive detector, which operate at temperature of liquid nitrogen. The photodetector can be supplied by a broadband amplifier.
Areas of application:
The photodetector can be used in scientific investigations, medicine, thermal imaging technique. It is favorably differ from the pyroelectric analogue by wide dynamic range.
Technical parameters
Semiconductor                     Hg1-хCdхTe (x=0.19-0.23)
Wavelength range, μm                   2-14
Detectivity, D*, cm Hz1/2W-1            2×1010
Time constant, μs                           1
Supply voltage, V                            9
Operating temperature, К                 77
Dynamic range                                     60 dB
Area of sensitive element, mm            1х1