V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Somatic cells detector ASK-1

№16 Department of optoelectronic functional transducers
E.P. Matzas, A.S. Pavluchenko, A.L. Kukla


Purpose: analysis of the whole milk quality by determination of the somatic cells quantity in milk. Field of application: diary industry, diary products manufacturing covered by the State Standard of Ukraine 3662-97 “Whole cow’s milk. Requirements on purchasing”.

Description: Principle of operation is based on determination of relative viscosity according to requirements of State Standard 23453-90 “Milk. Methods for determination of somatic cells quantity”. After mixing of milk and surface active substance (preparation «Mastoprim») mixture consistence is changing to more viscous state. As dependence of mixture discharge time through the retort capillary viscosimeter shows somatic cells quantity in milk (method of determination according to GOST 23453 90).

Technical characteristics:
•    Measurement range                        90..1500 thous. cells/cm3
•    Analyzed sample outflow duration (relative viscosity)        8.0...99.9 sec
•    Relative error limit                        ± 5 %
•    Power supply                            220 V, 50 Hz AC
•    Digital indication of measurement results;
•    Work in semi-automatic mode;
•    Overall dimensions                        290×130×190 mm,
       mixer unit                                130×65×65 mm
•    Wight                                4 kg

Device advantages compared to Russian analogues are small size, open design and low cost.

ASK-1 by results of approbation at the Central State veterinary medicine laboratory is recommended to utilization in the regional veterinary laboratories and diary industry (Letter of State Department of veterinary medicine № 15-1-2-5/3463  from 24.12.2003.)