V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Mm and sub-mm (THz) detectors based on CdHgTe

№38 The Department for Physics and Technology of Low- Dimensional Systems
F.F. Sizov, V. M. Dobrovolsky

06262 2

Photo of THz detectors and photomicrography one of its elements.

Function. Detectors of mm and sub-mm (THz) spectral regions can be used for security applications, biomedical diagnostics as a special probe for investigation of cell membranes, for the wireless communications and space’s investigations.

Device description. The topology and technological route of uncooled or slightly-cooled mm and sub-mm spectral regions detectors based on hot charge carriers on the cadmium-mercury-tellurium epitaxial layers fabrication were elaborated. Device is based on effect of free carrier gas heating in narrow-gap semiconductors with intrinsic conductivity. Two applications for invention of this device have been applied.

The main technical and operating characteristics:
Size of sensory elements is: ≤ 50x50 mkm2. The measured value of sensitivity was Sv~2.6 V/W (estimated NEP~3.5·10-10 W/Hz1/2) at Т=300 К and Sv~1.3∙103 V/W (estimated NEP~10-12 W/Hz1/2) at Т=78 К.