V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Focal plane array with microcooler

№38 The Department for Physics and Technology of Low- Dimensional Systems
F.F. Sizov, V.V. Zabudsky, Yu.A. Melenevsky

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Focal plane array (on the right figure) is intended for conversion of IR-radiation to the electrical signal in thermal imagers. The focal plane array (FPA) consists of MCT linear array (that is sensitive in 8-12 μm wavelength regions) and silicon readout located in metal-ceramic case. FPA is located in optical cryostat to provide required operating temperature.
Microcooler (on the left figure) is intended for cooling to cryogenic temperatures of multielement arrays used for observation and aiming in thermal vision systems. Microcooler supply temperature of photodetectors at the level of T=75-80 K. Operating loading of microcooler is up to 1 W.
Microcooler works by Stirling back cycle principle and use constant quantity of cryoagent (helium). Microcooler consists of compressor and refrigerator united by micropipe. Control unit control microcooler linear electric drive.

Basic technical characteristic:    

Size of photosensitive element, μm×μm 30×30
Field of view, degree 30
Specific detectivity, sm∙Hz1/2∙W-1 5∙1010
Cryostatting temperature, К 77
 Time to reach the operating temperature, min 6,5
Power consumption, W, no more than:
-in steady-state conditions
-in starting duty



Power supply from constant-current system, V 27
 Ambient temperature, оС -60 - +70