V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The Centre for Solar Cell and Photovoltaic Panel Testing

№41 Department of Physical and technical bases semiconductor fotoenerhetyky
   Anatoliy P. Gorban, V.P. Costylov

A Centre for solar cell and photovoltaic panel testing of the V. Lashkarev ISP NAS of Ukraine is based on a set of measurement facilities related to determination spectral, photovoltaic and electrical characteristics of solar cells, modules and batteries. The Centre is certificated by the Ukrainian State Centre for standardization, metrology, certification and protection of consumers' rights of the State Committee of Ukraine for technical regulation and consumer policy (Derzhspozhivstandard of Ukraine) on the basis of Ukrainian Law "On metrology and metrological activity" for performing electrical and photovoltaic measurements of solar cell and photovoltaic module parameters according to the Сertification № ПТ-0359 dated 31.10 2006. Centre facilities include measurement equipment related to:
- definition of relative spectral response of solar cells;
- determination of electrical and photovoltaic parameters of solar cells;
- electrical and photo-technical testing of photovoltaic modules and batteries.


A Centre for solar cell and photovoltaic panel testing.

Testing of solar cell and photovoltaic module parameters is performed in an automatic mode with taking into consideration available standards and developed methodical principles. Appropriate measurements are carried out under standard light intensity (AM0, AM1.5) and temperature conditions with automatic processing and plotting the results of measurements. Sun-light simulators with high uniformity of light flux are enabled in the testing process.

Technical specification of the Centre equipment.     

Parameter under consideration A range of measurement facilities
   Solar cells Photovoltaic modules
Relative spectral response, nm 200 ….. 1200 ----
Open circuit voltage, V 0÷1 0÷80
Short circuit current, A 0 ….. 5,12 0 ….. 8
Fill factor 0 ….. 1 0 ….. 1
Efficiency, % 0 ….. 100 0 ….. 100
Voltage at the maximal output power point, V 0 ….. 1 0 ….. 80
Current at the maximal output power point, A 0 ….. 5,12 0 ….. 8
Maximal photovoltaic power output value, W 0 ….. 5 0 ….. 640
Current temperature coefficient, К-1 0 ….. 0,01 0 ….. 0,01
Voltage temperature coefficient, К-1 0 ….. 0,05 0 ….. 0,05
Internal serial resistance, Оhm 0 ….. 50 0 ….. 50

The Centre for solar cell and photovoltaic panel testing is unique in the Ukraine. Domestic analogues of the Centre do not exist while foreign facilities are very expensive. Patent protection of designed and fabricated Centre equipment is under consideration.
     Area of application – terrestrial and space photovoltaic power engineering. Realization of innovation project related to industrial production of designed facilities is expedient.
     Centre facilities participated in realization of the Ukrainian State Space Program by ensuring acceptance testing of photovoltaic arrays designed both for autonomous experimental labour-rent and for utilization in power supply system of the satellite КS5МF2 "Micrоn".