V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Control and Characterization Apparatus for Satellite Photovoltaic Panel Verification

№41 Department of Physical and technical bases semiconductor fotoenerhetyky
Anatoliy P. Gorban, V.P. Costylov

An automated control and measuring apparatus CCA MARS-BF is intended for verification photo-power and electrical characteristics of the space and terrestrial photovoltaic panels and arrays by realization of direct and indirect check up methods including, in particular:
    - measurement current and voltage values in a variety of points (not less than 100) within forward branch of the panel V-I curve (VAC) in the darkness;
- automated check up conformity criteria of the measured and given in the data card current and voltage values corrected in view of test specifications;
- measurement of an environmental temperature in the region of photovoltaic panel arrangement;
     - determination background illumination values at the panel surface and automatic correction the results of dark VAC measurements by taking into account this factor;
     - testing reverse currents of blocking diodes and forward voltage drops on them;
     - testing capability for work of the panel-integrated temperature and degradation sensors;
     - processing and representation the results of panel testing at the built-in matrix screen and in printed protocol of the required form.


CCA MARS-BF provides inspection a capacity for work of photovoltaic panel by a direct check up method via measurement V-I curve under illumination conditions (LVAC) which include:
     - definition of energetic illumination density at the surface of photovoltaic panel;
     - measurement of current and voltage values in a variety of points (not less than 100) on the LVAC;
     - determination of LVAC fill factor value and panel efficiency by processing and representation the results of LVAC measurements.
     On the basis of the available standards and developed techniques CCA MARS-BF performs testing process both in automatic and in manual (under the control of operator) modes with maintenance standard illumination and temperature conditions. Photocurrent values can be measured in the range 0 … 8 A, and voltage values – in the range 0 … 80 V.
     Application area of CCA MARS-BF is characterization of space and terrestrial photovoltaic panels, modules and arrays. Created in the V. Lashkarev ISP of NAS of Ukraine, CCA MARS-BF has no analogues in Ukraine. Foreign analogues have high cost. Performance of the innovation project is expedient with the purpose of manufacturing application of the development. The opportunity of patent protection is examined.
     CCA MARS-BF was employed under carrying out the Ukrainian State space program, in particular, via performing qualification tests of photovoltaic arrays destined for use in a power supply system of the space vehicle КS5МF2 "Micron".