V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Workshops conducted under the guidance of the Council of Young Scientists




  • Workshop on 13.05.2014

Scientific seminar during the VIII Ukrainian Festival of Science.

Invited lecture: PhD, Senior Researcher Scientist Lytvyn P.M. (Dept. 11) "Atomic Force Microscopy in the practical diagnosis and targeted modification of surfaces: nanometrology, lithography and nanomanipulation";


  1.  PhD, Research Scientist Kudina V.M. (Dept. 34) "Characterization of advanced SOI MOSFETs using fluctuation method";
  2.  PhD, Research Scientist Tymochko M.D. (Dept. 7) "Effect of ultrasound on the electrical characteristics of semiconductor crystals".


  • Workshop on 19.03.2014

Invited lecture: PhD Smertenko P.S. (Dept. 5) "Differential approach to the treatment of experimental characteristics"


  1. PhD Lysyuk V.A. (Dept. 10) "Optical properties of absorbing thin films on pyroelectrics";
  2. Postgraduate student Sakhno N.V. (Dept. 38) "Simulation of multielement detectors for sub-THz/THz range".


  •  Workshop on 05.02.2014

Invited lecture: Professor Strikha M. V. (Dept. 1) "Anisotropy of the graphene channel conductivity"


  1. PhD, Research Scientist Safryuk N.V. (Dept. 19) "Structural features of III-nitrides: x-ray studies";
  2.  PhD, Research Scientist Malanich G.P. (Dept. 26) "Interaction of PbTe crystals and solid solutions Pb1-xSnxTe surface with etching compositions H2O2 – HBr – organic solvent"