V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Diagnostic Center for Collective Use
"Diagnostic of Semiconductor Materials, Structures and Devices"
at V. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
invites for cooperation in research and development in branches of material and device characterisation for modern technologies 
We offer five modern diagnostic laboratories:
  • "Raman and Luminescence submicron spectroscopy”;
  • "High-resolution X-ray Diffraction";
  • "Scanning Probe Microscopy";
  • "Measuring System for Express Control of Semiconductor Materials and Nanoscale Devices";
  • "Mass spectrometry complex".
Main activities:
  • support national, regional and international initiatives, projects and programs for research teams;
  • diagnostic support of novel research and high-tech industry;
  • guidance for research students and doctoral students;
  • develop a comprehensive approach to solving interdisciplinary problems in basic and applied research, intersectoral science and industry.
The main research activities are as follows:
  • physics of electromagnetic radiation interaction with matter;
  • physics of low-dimensional systems, micro- and nanoelectronics;
  • optoelectronics and solar energy;
  • semiconductor materials and sensor systems.
V.Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
41, Nauky pr.
Kyiv 03680 (map)
phone/fax: +38044 525 59 40
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Scanning Probe Microscopy


Quadrexed NanoScope IIIa Dimension 3000TM Scanning Probe Microscope (Digital Instruments / Bruker, USA);
SPM modes:
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (in air and in liquid media);
  • Magnetic and Electrostatic Microscopy;
  • Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy;
  • Current sensing AFM and Capacitance Microscopy;
  • Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy (air);
  • Force Spectroscopy (in air and in liquid media);
  • Nanoindentation and mapping of elastic and adhesive properties of surfaces;
  • Nanolithography and nano-manipulations.

Confocal Raman Spectroscopy

  • triple spectrometer Horiba Jobin-Yvon T64000 (Horiba Scientific, France);
  • Confocal microscope UV-Visible-NIR Olympus BX41 (Japan);
  • Registration: CCD TE-1024x256 Andor (200 ÷ 1050nm) and InGaAs detector LN-IGA-512x1 (800 ÷ 1550nm)
  • XYZ motorized scanning table with a pitch of 0.1 microns (Marghauser SensoTech GmbH, Germany);
  • HeCd laser, Ar-Kr laser Stabilite 2018-RM Spectra Physics 2.5W (USA);
  • Optical micro-cryostat RC102-CFM of vibration level ≤15 nm, T = 3.5 ÷ 325 K (CIA CRYO Industries, USA);
  • micro-thermoelectric cell Linkam Scientific Instruments THMS600, T = 78 ÷ 900 K (England).
  • Optical range: 300 - 1700 nm;
  • Spectral resolution: 0.15 cm-1;
  • Low temperature study: T = 3.5 ÷ 900 K;
  • Low frequency study: ≥5 cm-1;
  • Step XYZ scanning: 0.1.
Features of the complex:
  • Optical spectroscopy of quantum-sized objects with submicron spatial resolution.
  • Raman and luminescence microanalysis radiative properties, structure, chemical composition, electronic and phonon excitations in solids, physico-chemical characterization of semiconductors, chemicals and nanostructures for modern micro-, nano- and optoelectronics devices with submicron spatial resolution.
  • Raman and fluorescent 2D-3D spatial mapping, strain and composition; temperature (thermography); concentration and mobility of charge carriers; optical radiation nanostructures;
  • Optical low temperature phonon research, plasmon-phonon, electron excitations, radiative recombination of charge carriers in condensed matter.


X-ray Diffraction

High resolution X-ray diffractometer X'Pert PRO MRD (PANalytical, Netherlands) 
with a set of X-ray optic components for use in standard coplanar diffraction scheme, 
grazing incidence x-ray diffraction scheme and for reflectometry.
Features of the complex:
  • determination the concentration of 2-component solid solutions and the level of residual elastic strain in epitaxial layers GeSi; InGaAs; GaAsN and others.
  • determination the parameters of multilayer epitaxial structures by X-ray diffraction: the thickness of the layers, structure, periodicity.
  • measurements of parameters and structure of crystallites in amorphous and crystalline matrices, including Si in SiOx.
  • determination of parameters for multilayer mirrors using X-ray reflectometry  of layers thickness, period and dispersion.


Electrophysical Diagnostics 


  • Agilent 4284A (LCR- precision meter)
  • Agilent 4156C (precision semiconductor analyzer)
  • Optical microscope Axioskop 2 MAT (Carl Zeiss, Germany).
Appointment: determination of electrophysical characteristics for semiconductor thin film heterostructures and low dimensional semiconductor devices.


Mass spectrometry complex 


Mass spectrometer INA-3 (Leybold-Heraeus, Germany) with electron gas secondary neutral mass spectrometry (e-gas SNMS) and secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) methods
Dektak 3030 stylus profiler (Sloan, USA)


Element analysis from H to U
Quantitative element depth profiling of metallic and insulating samples
Measurements of the layer thickness, relief and surface roughness




Investigation of buried layers, interfaces and multilayer structures
Impurity and contamination analysis in quality control



corresponding member NAS Ukraine, prof. Alexander Belyaev
Director of ISP NASU, Head of Scientific and Technical Council of the Center,
+38044 525 40 20
dr. Petro Lytvyn, Head of the Center.
+38044 525 59 40,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Scanning Probe Microscopy Lab
Igor Prokopenko 
+38044 525-54-91
Petro Lytvyn
Oksana Lytvyn
Alexander Efremov
Andriy Korchovyi
Confocal Raman Spectroscopy Lab
Victor Strelchuk 
+38044 525 64 73
Andriy Nikolenko
Olexander Kolomys
Iurii Nasieka
Artem Romanuk

X-Ray Diffraction Lab
Vasyl Kladko   
+38044 525-44-49
Andrian Kuchuk
Alexander Gudymenko
Nadiia Safriuk

Electrophysical Diagnostics Lab
Olexiy Nazarov   
+38044 525 61 77
Andriy Rusavskiy
Mass Spectrometry complex
     Oleksandr Oberemok
    +38044 525 57 24
    Tomash Sabov



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